Q  What’s the difference with the carpet cleaner Letts Clean use and the machines you can hire?

The machines and equipment we use cost in excess of £2,500 whereas the hire machines are just a few hundred.  The machines have more powerful pumps and vacuums, allowing us to put more cleaning solution through the carpets to maximise the results.  Different carpets require different cleaning products to get the best result, the products we use either have an acidic, neutral or alkali ph rating to get the best result from the carpet type.

Q  What is the difference between a domestic clean and a professional clean?

A domestic clean may take 2-4 hours to clean a 2 bedroom flat, a professional clean would take 10-12 hours typically (2 cleaners 5-6 hours).  Time is taken over every aspect to bring the property to professional standard, everything from the oven and extractor to defrosting the freezer, de-scaling the shower and tiles, washing machine powder drawer, window frames scrubbed etc…

Q  My estate agent recommended you but I think the estimate they have given me of £250 + VAT for my 2 bed flat with carpets was high.  A company I found said they can do it for £125 cash on completion, can you match it?

No, having seen the property I estimate 2 cleaners working 6 hours, 12 hours in total, plus the carpets.  It is impossible to carry out the level of work required, while cleaning the carpets to our high standards, using the best products for this price.  Either you have a very good deal or you are likely to get a domestic clean and a cheap carpet clean. If a professional inventory clerk does the checkout and they rule the cleaning job is not up to standard, you may end up paying twice, once from your deposit. We also require payment within 7 days of the job being carried out not on the day.

Carpet related questions

Q  I dropped an iron on my carpet can you get the mark out.

A No, if it’s a synthetic carpet the mark has been caused by the fibers melting together causing permanent damage.  If it’s a wool carpet the fibers have singed like if you burned a hair again causing perminant damage. Sorry

Q  My child/dog/flat mate was sick on the carpet and an orange patch has appeared can you get this out?

A  No , The acid in the stomach has stripped the carpet of its colour.  We can clean and sanitise the area but the shaded patch will remain as this area no longer has the original carpet colour in it.

Q  We have been using Vanish on our carpets and have noticed over time these areas have become a lot darker over time than the rest on the carpet, can these be cleaned off.

A Yes no problem,